At The Grill Garage, we not only want to provide you with parts for your grill, we want to give you expert advice on how to fix your grill so that you can get back to cooking. If you don’t see the answer to your question, just send us an email through our contact page and we will get back to you shortly.

Problem #1: The flame in my gas grill is yellow.

Expert Solution: Your regulator (the round thing on the gas hose) is probably stuck, and it’s not allowing enough gas to pass through the hose.

1. Turn off the gas at the tank.

2. Disconnect the hose.

3. Remove the grill’s lid.

4. Turn the burner valves to their highest setting for a minute or two.

5. Turn the valves OFF.

6. Reconnect the hose.

7. Turn the gas back on very slowly.

8. Light the grill as usual.


Problem #2: The grill won’t light at all.

Expert Solution: Try unsticking the regulator (see above). If this doesn’t work, and your grill is battery-powered, try replacing the battery. If the grill still won’t light, the igniter may be clogged. Here’s how to clean the ignition system:

1. Remove the cooking grates and any other barriers until you have access to the igniter.

2. Push the ignition button and see whether there’s a spark in the igniter.

3. If there is a spark, blockage from grease, dirt, rust, and other elements is probably the culprit.

4. Turn off the gas at the tank and disconnect the hose.

5. Locate the grill’s ignition and clean its parts thoroughly. Clean the burners also just to be sure.

6. Replace the hose and turn the gas tank back on.

7. Replace the barriers and grates, and press the ignition button again.

If this solution doesn’t work, you may have a case of faulty wiring. In this case, you’ll want to get the grill professionally serviced.


Problem #3: The grill won’t get hot enough.

Expert Solution: Modern propane tanks are fitted with overfill prevention devices for safety purposes. This check valve is designed to measure the gas pressure and identify propane leaks, at which point it restricts gas flow. Here’s how to test a gas grill for leaks.

┬áSometimes — especially when a brand new propane tank is installed — the valve may falsely detect a leak and the tank will go into check. If this is the case, the check valve just needs to be reset.


1. Turn off the gas at the tank and disconnect the hose.

2. Disconnect the propane tank from the regulator (the round object on the hose).

3. Turn the grill on — while the tank is still NOT attached — for a few minutes to release pressure in the gas lines.

4. Turn the grill off. Make sure all burners are OFF before proceeding to the next step.

5. Reconnect the propane tank and the hose.

6. Turn the tank back on very slowly.


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