Replacing the Regulator on Your Brinkmann Gas Grill

portrai0019 When you can’t get your gas grill to light, the list of troubleshooting steps that runs through your mind might be a little overwhelming. Usually, though, the first components you should check have to do with the fuel source. Pick up the propane tank first to make sure that it still has gas in it. If the propane itself isn’t the problem, you should check the regulator next.

The pressure regulator includes the fuel hose itself and the component that attaches to the propane tank. You can typically replace both of these parts on your Brinkmann together (because it will be difficult to tell which one is acting up) for a nominal cost. Once you’ve bought the replacement parts, you can use an adjustable wrench to remove the old hose and regulator from the spots where they attach to the propane tank and the grill manifold. Occasionally, these parts can be stubborn and may require tools like pliers or a little lubricating oil to get them to come loose.

Install the new hose and regulator by reversing the process you used to remove the old parts. Try not to apply too much force to the new regulator so as not to crack any plastic components, but make sure to tighten the connections as far as possible. Before you actually go to use the grill, you should test the new setup for gas leaks. Mix together a solution of dish soap and water, and then use a sponge or brush to apply the mixture all over the hose and regulator–including all connections. Turn on the gas and look for any bubbles that form, as these are indicators of a gas leak. Fix any leaks by tightening loose connectors, and you’ll be all ready to use your Brinkmann grill for your next big barbecue.

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